Leasing Opportunities

Gateway has open space for office space, retail, & dining in Sandy Springs, GA

Leasing Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in a leasing opportunity at Gateway Atlanta shopping center.  We receive a number of inquiries every week and in order for us to properly respond you will need to submit all the following:

  1. a professionally prepared business plan,
  2. a personal financial statement,
  3. A list of references along with other current business ventures that you are involved in, and the type of business you are interested in opening.
A detailed business plan will help us analyze a concept and make sure it will be consistent wit the high standards of our retail portfolio. We are every bit as concerned about your success as you are, and the following is a guideline to help you formulate a successful business plan:

  1. Business Plan
    • What is the concept of the business?
    • What will be the company’s goals?
    • What are your personal strengths and past achievements that will help you attain those goals?
    • If the concept is a restaurant, please enclose a copy of your proposed menu.

  2. Product/Market/Industry
    • Who will purchase the company’s products and services?
    • In what market segment will the company complete?
    • Who will be the company’s major competitors?

  3. Market Strategy
    • Who is your targeted customer?
    • How will you advertise and promote the business?
    • What are the price points of your offerings?
    • Tell us how you think you will compete in the marketplace (What about your business will set you apart from other competitors?)

  4. Management and Key Personnel
    • Who will be the key people in the business? (President, CEO, CFO, Managers, etc.)
    • What is their background, experience and expertise?

  5. Financial Statements and Projections
    • Provide minimum 5-year cash flow projection on your new business.
    • Provide personal financial statement (Fill out our Tenant Application Form), and last year’s tax return.
    • Prepare store-opening budget, including both “hard” and “soft” costs.
    • Credit Scores- if we end up negotiating terms on a space before we can present a deal for full approval
    • Describe the sources of funds for start-up for new business (personal savings, bank loan, equity partner, etc.)
      1. Proof of assets

  6. Photos, website, Architectural Rendering and Floor Plans
    1. It is helpful to see architectural renderings, floor plans, elevations, etc. of the proposed concept.
    2. Please provide us with pictures for your store or a link to a website.
      1. We may ask to see actual product sample.
    3. Provide us with anything visual that will assist us in understanding your vision for your concept.
Once you assemble all information, please forward the package to our attention for review. All information submitted to us will be kept confidential and returned upon request.




For information on leasing office or retail space
Phone: 404.644.4381

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